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Jaggery Powder

Sunfarm Jaggery Powder is a healthy, chemical-free substitute for white sugar that can be used in tea and coffee or as an addition to sweets. It's rich in nutrients like minerals and vitamins, so it would do wonders when you're on the run!
A moderate amount should be part of your daily diet for healthy living with earth blessings.
A natural sweetener made out of Sunfarm's pure jaggery will satisfy and give you energy when needed most.

We are Salubrious Food Company

Sunfarm is a company committed to providing nutritious, natural foods healthy for your body and strengthening immunity.

The entire process from harvesting to packaging adheres to strict quality guidelines so you can be sure that your purchase will provide taste bud satisfaction and good health for years down the line!

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Why Sunfarm Products?

Own farm as well as we work closely with local farmers.

No Chemicals & additives at any point during manufacturing/processing/packing of our products.

We preserve the original nutritional values of products.Resource-efficient manufacturing technique for Jaggery Powder.

High tech Rasins processing technology with an optical laser sorter.

Committed to improving the surrounding environment through education & community projects.