How To Make Natural Jaggery, The Healthiest Sweetener In World

Sunfarm uses a resource-efficient jaggery processing plant to produce jaggery and jaggery powder.

Following is the process to manufacture chemical-free jaggery:

  1. Selection of Sugarcane: We choose matured sugarcane having Brix around 20 or more. The selected cane is cut and sent for crushing.
  2. Clearing of Sugarcane: Cane arrived from the field, is washed and made ready for juice extraction.
  3. Juice Extraction: Cleaned cane pass through mill machine that extracts the juice and remaining waste called bagasse sent for sun drying. Bagasse is used as fuel for the boiler to produce steam, further used to heat sugarcane juice and syrup.
  4. Juice Filtration: The collected juice is filtered and sent for controlled heating and clarification.
  5. Controlled Heating: Juice is clarified and heated to evaporate water from it. Heating is controlled via an automated process to maintain temperature. 
  6. Controlled Cooling: The concentrated syrup produced after heating is cooled steadily through an automated process by maintaining the required temperature during the whole process.
  7. Powdering/ Cubing: The cooled syrup is collected in an open pan or transferred into different shapes and sizes cubes to make jaggery in powder form or solid cubes or nuggets
  8. Drying: Jaggery is dried using a mechanical dryer to remove extra moisture and support hygienic conditions.
  9. Packaging: Jaggery is packed in different pouch sizes and shipped via partnered courier companies.


In this whole process, we DO NOT use any chemicals, artificial flavours, additives. Jaggery produced through resource-efficient techniques maintains original nutrients. 

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