Jaggery Meaning in Different Languages and Regions

Jaggery Meaning across different Regions

Jaggery is a "salubrious" replacement for white sugar is a natural sweetener, and Ayurveda has been using it for thousands of years in its medicine (1). It is called "medicine sugar" due to its rich nutrient, minerals and vitamins content.

Check out the detailed nutritional profile of jaggery here.

Jaggery exists across Asia, Africa and Latin America and knows by different names in these regions. (2), (3)

  • Jaggery in India called Gur
  • In Central and Latin America, called Panela
  • Panela is known by other names in the region, such as Chancaca in Chile and Peru.
  • In Mexico's its called Piloncillo
  • In Sri Lanka, it is called Hakuru
  • In Thiland knows as Namtan tanode

Jaggery Meaning in Hindi

India is the number # 1 producer of jaggery in the world. Around 70% of the worlds' jaggery is produced in India, and Maharashtra, Uttar-Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu & Andhra Pradesh are leading sugarcane producers states.

Jaggery is known by different names across India. 

  • Jaggery in Hindi - Gur
  • Jaggery in Marathi - Gul
  • Jaggery in Kannada - Bella
  • Jaggery in Tamil - Vellam
  • Jaggery in Telgu - Bellam
  • Jaggery in Malayalam - Sharkara



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