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Khapli Wheat - Emmer Wheat 5 Kg

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Add the goodness of Khapli Wheat (Emmer Wheat) to your daily diet!

Khapli Wheat (Emmer Wheat). The natural way to healthy eating! Made from 100% whole wheat grain, our Emmer wheat is made into flour and can be used in various ways to achieve your health goals. Order today.

  • Rich in Fibre
  • High Protein in comparison to other grain
  • Low Gluten
  • Low Glycometric Index
  • Rich in vitamins


Khapli Wheat Flour can be used to make Chapati, Phulka etc.

Emmer wheat is also used in Cakes, Biscuits and other Bakery products to replace regular wheat flour or atta.


  1. Modak - Ingredients - (Khapli Wheat Flour, Jaggery Powder, Grated Coconut, Cardamom powder)
  2. Khapli Gehu Kheer - Ingredients - (Graded Khapli Wheat, Jaggery, Coconut, Ghee, Cardamom powder, Dry-Fruits)